Mamajuana Flavor - Tigre Fino

Mamajuana Flavor (Electronica Latina)

Band :
Title : Mamajuana Flavor (Electronica Latina)
Release Date : January 29, 2012
Label :
Catalog ref. : FMR80119
Format : Digital Download

A set of four electronic instrumentals with latino sounds that will make you dance even if you don’t like to party. The Album was named Mamajuana Flavor due to an exotic drink from the D.R. I call this crazy and from the future creations Electronica Latina.

I dedicated this album to the people who like to party, and I also encourage to listen to this songs to the people who don’t like to party, because these songs will make them dance like crazy, and will rise your heart beat to the roof. This is an album with four electronic dance music instrumentals that I produced with latino instruments and sounds, mixed with electronic instruments and effects; in other words is an electronic dance music with a latino flow. I named this Album Mamajuana Flavor because of an aphrodisiac and exotic drink from the Dominican Republic which is created by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with an special tree and its herbs.

Producer: Tigre Fino
Writer: Tigre Fino
Artist: Tigre Fino



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