An album for the people that likes to party, not for boring people “sorry”. This is a reggaeton, hip hop and electronica album with futuristic creasy sounds, and freaky lyrics. One of the songs “Zona De Peligro” “Reggaeton”, was featured on the trailer of the game Army Of Two The Devils Cartel. Most of the songs in this album are sexy and encourage people to party and enjoy life all you can, and while you can. I also encourage people to help other, and not to be afraid to follow their dreams.

Producer: Tigre Fino
Writer: Tigre Fino
Performer: Tigre Fino

  1. Ella Quiere Fuego Tigre Fino 0:29
  2. Como Yo Tigre Fino 0:33
  3. Zona De Peligro Tigre Fino 0:31
  4. No Quiero Coro Tigre Fino 0:29
  5. I Wanna Sex You Babe Tigre Fino 0:34
  6. A Comer Gallina Tigre Fino 0:30
  7. Tu Estas Buscando Tigre Fino 0:31
  8. Soy El Culpable Tigre Fino 0:33
  9. La Calle Me LLama Tigre Fino 0:26
  10. No Quiero Volver A LLorar Tigre Fino 0:33
  11. Get Pumped Tigre Fino 0:30
  12. Vivir Sin Ti Tigre Fino 0:34
  13. Que La Entiendan Tigre Fino 0:34
  14. The Punisher Tigre Fino 0:31
  15. Ella Volvio Tigre Fino 0:33
  16. Ven Pa Que Mueva Tigre Fino 0:33
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Como Yo (The Next Chapter)