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We Like To Party (Album)

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This is Electronic dance music album with catchy melodies and lyrics, made for party people and DJs. These EDM songs will make you dance even if you don’t know how to dance. The purpose of this album is to make people dance and enjoy life to the max.

When I was in the studio producing these songs, they all made me feel happy, and I was dancing practically the whole time I was in the studio. Sometimes I even had hard time concentrating on the project, because the high levels of energy that these songs were giving me. These Instrumentals gave me a happy vibe, and a sense of happiness that I want to share with all of you. So I hope you enjoy these songs and the instrumental versions as good as I enjoyed them when I was composing them, producing them, and recording them. This is an special album, and I hope you feel the same.

This crazy album is for people who enjoy electronic dance music, and also for DJs. May be you like to dance, sing, jump around, be crazy, and enjoy life with friends. This album is for you!

You were my inspiration for this album. People like you who want to enjoy life, who want to forget of your daily routine just for a little while with music. People like you who like to dance even though you don’t know how to dance. People who deserve to be happy. People like you who like to party. People like you who want to be original on what they do. For people like you who show who you are when you are dancing. You were my inspiration, because I entertain people with music.

Artist: Tigre Fino
Producer: Tigre Fino
Release Date: October 16, 2015
Label: Flow Money Records
Catalog #: FM16525

1. We Like to Party
2. Pero Mami (feat. Jace Roy)
3. Ay Que Rica
4. My Swagger
5. Noche de Calle
6. Energy
7. Me Gusta el Party
8. My Swagger (Electro Dembow Version)
9. Noche de Calle (Extended Version)
10. We Like to Party (Instrumental)
11. Pero Mami (Instrumental)
12. Ay Que Rica (Instrumental)
13. My Swagger (Instrumental)
14. Noche de Calle (Instrumental)
15. Energy (Instrumental)
16. My Swagger (Instrumental) [Electro Dembow Version]
17. Noche de Calle (Instrumental) [Extended Version]

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2 reviews for We Like To Party (Album)

  1. FlowCalle (verified owner)

    Great album tigre fino, you killed bro! by the way cool pic!

  2. EDM Mortal (verified owner)

    I love this album, We Like To Party. Good one Tigre Fino.

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