Why Tigre Fino?

Tigre Fino is a mix of all the freakiness and craziness combine with smoothness and classiness. While I was in high school in the Dominican Republic, the dean of the school used to shout a loud every time she saw me walking on the hallway “Hey ojo de Tigre, vete para tu clase”, which means “Hey Tiger eyes go to your classroom.” Then when I moved to Miami, friends from high school used to call me “Tigre”, but the girls used to said “El es un Tigre pero Fino, y elegante” which means “His is a Tiger but he is elegant, and with style”. I used to dress very elegant when I was in high school, and also my smooth way to talks to girls had to do a lot with it.

“I remember when I started learning music production back in 2007; I just had a laptop, two small computer speakers, the music production software, and a little 12 inches USB keyboard (piano), that I used to connect to the laptop. The keys were falling apart because the little piano was too thin, and when I pressed them…